Zerotek for the Enterprise


The management requirements of enterprise MSPs, MSSPs, SI’s and complex or distributed global organizations are very similar to MSPs. 

Enterprise IT groups often manage large complex distributed IT environments with centralized management models. MSPs, MSSPs and external service providers have even more demanding requirements, managing multiple customers and Okta orgs from a centralized service delivery operation.

Zerotek addresses these concerns today allowing IT service organizations to efficiently manage these complex environments with centralized control, security and visibility.

Zerotek provides its own Okta licenses for MSPs, but the platform can be used equally well with end customer licenses purchased directly from Okta (BYOL). Just enter the url for the org you want to manage and it will show up in Zerotek ready to go. MSPs that serve a mixture of large and small businesses can even mix BYOL and Zerotek Okta licenses if that makes sense for their particular business model. 

Many enterprises that use O365 and Okta will benefit from the focus we have placed on deep integration of these essential productivity and security products. In fact, Zerotek is built for app integration and app management across all cloud apps. We are very happy to discuss any and all potential app integrations you would like to see in the single pane as well as accommodate work flows in your organization.  We have already passed an Okta security review with flying colors. But if this is not enough we can consider other implementation models.

Note that by using Zerotek with BYOL end customer licenses, enterprise-focused businesses receive all the special Zerotek features including:


  • Multitenant management – as described in Features
  • New tenant creation – provision new tenant with a few clicks
  • Okta license reporting – ability to see actual usage at any time
  • Multi-org O365 reporting plus more advanced features in development 

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