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  • MSPs are our only customers.

  • Competitive pay-as-you-go monthly billing.

  • Free trials for MSPs and their customers.

  • MSPs create their own service bundles limited only by their creativity.

Profiting from Zerotek

Here are some paraphrased comments from MSP’s on how to make money with Zerotek

“I’m adding a $12 – $24 per user Managed Identity Security service to every monthly per user service option.”

“We are adding Identity as a Service to our security offering. Pay-as-you-go pricing allows us to provide a more profitable, risk free and flexible service.

“The end of password chaos justifies the cost. The huge security benefit makes it an easy sell.

“Our customers really like the branded login screen. It helps them understand that we are helping them securing the perimeter that matters to their business. It brings a real focus on business and security priorities”

“This is great for my core SMB base 20-30 users. Now I’m able to sell to companies with 50-300 customers, where a fully managed Okta-based security service really resonates.”

“With Zerotek we are talking about business apps and security solutions that the owner understands and cares about. Our new vCIO offering now has a real focus that helps us sell technical projects too.

“The MFA help desk challenge justifies the whole sale. No MSP I know has anything like this and it really instills customer confidence that we take security seriously. A small feature, but a big differentiator”

“SSO/2FA is part of every RFP. Now I have the winning solution.”

“When calling new accounts there is usually an incumbent MSP. I immediately switch to selling a complementary standalone Identity solution. Within 2 months of that sale the entire account will be ours.

“My worst nightmare is our MSP opening the door to a customer attack. Zerotek plugs some gaping holes in our tech support – SSO/MFA, solving shared passwords, onboarding, reassigning and offboarding techs, the great audits, and so much more.”

“I’m implementing Zerotek for all my MSP employees first. This is great for our business but also allows us to all learn the technology and structure services that will really make a difference. We are having high energy internal discussions about all the new things we will be able to offer as we move this powerful capability to our customers.”

“I didn’t have to hire new security experts. My existing techs and sales team consumed the excellent Okta free online training and some will definitely seek certification.”

“Zerotek has completely changed the way I manage O365. So fast, simple and secure. No more finger errors, changed password delays, and a top down view of every user, group and license”

“Our firm has Office 365 customers that just aren’t ready for Identity management right now. I can implement Zerotek and save money right away, setting the stage for additional security services when they are ready. And all my customers are in the same dashboard.”

“Zerotek works their O365 magic by managing the version of free Azure AD that comes bundled with our business licenses.”

“I have a few customers that already use Okta. I can immediately add high value by managing actions in Zerotek just as I do with our bundled Okta customers. Managing existing Okta customers opens up a whole new service opportunity for the upper end of the SMB market!”

“We are a Microsoft shop all the way. But our customers’ IT today includes literally hundreds of vendors. I like that Okta works closely with MS, Google and others but has no agenda beyond supporting their customers’ IT choices. The one who owns the customer’s Identity owns the customer’s IT.”