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We are powering the next generation
of MSP services.

SMB apps are moving relentlessly from on-premise to SaaS.

Next-generation MSP services will be based on a
unified SaaS management model, deeply rooted in Identity.

That’s Zerotek.

Identity Management 

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Logo for Okta

Zerotek reimagines Okta for MSPs

Okta’s industry-leading enterprise identity management technology has been completely reimagined as a multitenant MSP platform to drive MSP profitability and customer adoption.

  • Multitenant Identity Management with slick, fast access to everything
  • Branded application portal for customers
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) for simple, secure user access with a single password
  • Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication (AMFA) with customizable risk-based policy factor prompting
  • Universal Directory (UD) one place to manage all users, groups, devices and mastered by Okta or alternative sources such as Active Directory integrations to secure on premise and cloud
  • Lifecycle Management (LCM) for automating user onboarding/offboarding activities for business process flexibility and compliance adherence
  • SaaS application library with 6,000+ integrated apps
  • Reporting insights for proof of value, and extensive auditing for troubleshooting, security and compliance
  • User self-service options to reduce costs for the MSP and empower users
  • Single-click deep linking to Okta org admin console to perform one-off configurations, without a password vault
  • Create customer Okta orgs in minutes with in-app provisioning
  • MSP help desk role-based access controls
  • MFA Challenge for uniquely powerful help desk in-bound call security and identity verification
  • Easy integration of customers’ existing Okta licenses

SaaS Management 

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Logo for Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365/Azure AD Management

  • Multitenant, with central visibility and management
  • Extensive built-in actions for the M365 life cycle, onboarding/offboarding users, mailbox delegation, mail forwarding and more
  • Comprehensive group management, including security groups and M365 groups
  • Aggregated rollup reporting for license optimization and billing consolidation (total licenses, disabled users with licenses, licensed users that have not logged in in a period of time)
  • Rich insights into adoption and license usage
  • Standalone management for customers not yet adopting Okta
  • Okta Lifecycle Management (LCM) adds extensive M365 provisioning and deprovisioning features
  • Visibility and management of users, including common admin actions, such as license assignment, reset passwords and more

Expanded SaaS Management

With 6000+ SaaS apps already managed by our integration partner, Okta and the ability to add any cloud app, Zerotek already provides comprehensive Identity-based security for the cloud to MSPs.

Microsoft 365 is the first of many SaaS apps to be deeply integrated into Zerotek. Zerotek’s architecture envisages a full range of SaaS management functionality with implementation priorities based on demand from MSPs and availability of target app management APIs.

MSPs interested in contributing to roadmap priorities are welcome to join our MSP advisor community.