About Zerotek

Origin Story

Peter Sandiford founded Level Platforms in 2003 to develop software that would allow MSPs to remotely monitor and manage on premise IT. RMM software allowed MSPs to shift from on-call technical support visits to centralized support centers and recurring service revenues. VARs and IT consultants around the world transitioned to the MSP model and a new market segment was born. 5000 MSPs had relied on LPI’s SaaS Managed Workplace when it was acquired in 2013.

With the transformational shift to the cloud well underway in 2016, Peter and Neil Arsenault founded Zerotek to answer the question “What’s next for MSPs?”

The foundation for Zerotek’s next generation MSP platform is Identity Access Management. Successful MSPs view themselves as trusted IT advisors to their SMB customers. As IT moves to the cloud, MSPs need to manage user identities in order to continue to play this role. Without this control MSPs do not have the tools to understand the technical side of customer priorities or successfully implement solutions that successfully deliver the promise of business transformation to their customers.

We chose Okta as the clear IAM platform winner based on their technology and vision. Working with Okta for over two years, Zerotek built the ultimate IAM platform for MSPs, powered by Okta.

But SaaS is at the heart of customer business transformation. And SaaS management is at the heart of “What’s next for MSPs?” Almost every MSP delivers O365. So we built a revolutionary solution to O365 management for MSPs to deliver immediate and extraordinary value.

Now we are extending these features and adding new applications driven by the priorities of our MSP partners as they compete in the battle to deliver the next generation of cloud services.



Peter Sandiford – Chief Executive Officer

Peter has a long history bringing technology innovation to the SMB market. He was president of a billion dollar Nasdaq- listed Systems Integrator acquired by HP, founder of an international SMB B2B ecommerce platform acquired by First Data, CEO of a computer/communications MSP servicing SMBs in office towers across North America acquired by a major global commercial property developer. Founder of Level Platforms a world leading provider of RMM software for MSPs, and Founder of Zerotek.


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Neil Arsenault – Chief Technology Officer

Neil joined Level Platforms in 2006 and for 10 years played successive leading roles in systems engineering, customer support and ultimately as Senior Software Developer specializing in Cloud application architecture and development. Peter knew the one person he needed to bring the Zerotek product to reality and proudly welcomed Neil as a partner in 2016.


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