How Does Zerotek Compare to the Competition? 

In the age of cloud choosing the right partner for Identity Management will determine the future of your business for years to come. 

Here’s how we compare ourselves to other solutions showing interest in the MSP market. 


Leading Technology 

Built for MSPs 

Cost and Value 

Strategic Future 

Paraphrased MSP comments 


“intuitive”, “My helpdesk guys love it”, “All the power of Okta made easy”   


 “OK if your only vendor is Microsoft”, “Ask me when I’m done figuring it all out” 


“Typical resale business model”, “Not in the same class as Okta” 


“Great product but licence and contract model is built for enterprise IT” 

Identity Startups 

“AD replacement is not a priority”, ”I’d rather bet my company on Okta and Zerotek”  

Legacy IAMs 

“Nothing interesting here for MSPs” 

Here is why MSPs give Zerotek top ranking.   

Leading Technology – MSPs strive to deliver solutions based on technology leaders while at the same time creating services that leverage the MSP relationship with their customers with solutions that meet SMB needs for simplicity.  

  • Okta is the unquestioned technology leader in enterprise Identity management and the feature gap is widening.  
  • Okta is 100% Identity management and has become the preferred independent solution as organizations everywhere seek to escape the proprietary grip of the major vendors Microsoft and Google). Okta’s advanced O365 provisioning and management significantly exceed anything from Microsoft and Zerotek is building the integrated MSP platform to maximize MSP profitability. 
  • Zerotek’s platform operates on Azure and has passed an exhaustive security audit by Okta’s security team 
  • Okta drives the future of Identity Management. Zerotek drives the future of Modern IT management for MSPs 

Built for MSPs – MSPs require their core technology vendors to understand and meet their unique needs as trusted intermediaries – to deliver high value to customers while streamlining processes and reducing costs through automation. They rely on simple vendor licensing, low cost and margin opportunities as well as the flexibility to create customized integrated solutions their customers will readily purchase. They want to own and manage the vendor relationship and provide technology as a bundled, branded service. 

  • Your only contract is with Zerotek. MSPs can set up a new customer in literally minutes with no contracts required. All required licenses are bundled with Zerotek.  
  • Zerotek provides a single pane multi-tenant solution for customer management and real time license management. 
  • The founders and management of Zerotek each have more than a decade of recent experience in the MSP market and are committed to helping MSPs in the next transformation now underway 
  • Integration with MSPs’ and their customers’ favorite apps is a core Zerotek design capability 

Cost and value – Low predictable cost is essential. Ideally that cost is directly related to actual usage. Cost of course refers to not only the tools themselves, but also the ease of adoption and the ability to drive low costs through automation and day-to-day simplicity. Ultimately the services delivered need to have a high perceived customer value and a low total cost to deliver highly profitable services.     

  • Zerotek provides extraordinarily simple low consumption-based monthly charges tied to customer adoption 
  • The MSP owns the licenses and sells advanced Identity management as a service bundled with other per user charges.  Or the MSP can define their own offer bundles in any way the can imagine. 

Strategic future – MSPs need to rapidly mature their ability to help customers successfully transition to Modern IT. The identity platform needs to position MSPs to seize this opportunity.  

  • Zerotek’s product and business architecture is based on creating the single platform that will manage Identity but also a full range of multi- tenant management of SaaS apps and users. 
  • MSP SaaS Management revenues delivered by Zerotek through the single-pane Zerotek application include
    • Integrated monitoring, alerting, and reporting for visibility and management 
    • Security and Compliance 
    • Vendor Management 
    • Onboarding and Offboarding 
    • Adoption, usage and license management 
  • MSPs can already access unique and valuable MSP insights into Office 365 with much more planned for 2019 

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Differentiating your MSP Offering and Growing Revenue with Identity

When many MSPs started in the MSP game PSAs did not exist, there were no RMM tools, BDR what? Even the term “managed service provider” was almost unheard of. In those days, small businesses were getting their first Internet connections, domain names, and email addresses. In order to have those things small business USA was installing Windows Server, Exchange Server, and soon business applications at a break neck pace.  

In those days, earning new business was somewhat easy. We would run ads in the yellow pages (and later on google) and the phone just rang. Usually the call was for a system that was not working correctly. We would go out and flex our technical muscles and earn the job to fix the problem and then support it ongoing. Nothing fancy, an agreed upon budget of hours per month type arrangement.  

Enabled by RMMs like Level Platforms, these technology services could now be delivered remotely and the transformation to monthly per device service fees was now the core business model. The term MSP was used to describe this transition to process management and value based billing. MSPs with recurring  revenue models were now everywhere driven by customer acceptance of more predictable costs and less face-time with onsite techs.  

The next MSP model incarnation was led by Microsoft’s BPOS, Business Productivity Online Suite, as the forerunner to Office 365. That model moved MSPs from charging for devices managed to users managed. It no longer mattered how many servers there were. But  there was still money to be made as there were commissions and users needing lots of hand holding.  

Today, there is a new shift starting to occur with customer buying habits. This shift is being driven as younger generations that grew up with the internet. They are not afraid of computers and software. They get it. At the same time “the cloud” and by that we mean true SaaS multi-tenant applications, are easy enough for some non IT people to get running.  Buyers are asking the question, do I still need to spend all that money on our MSP? The value proposition of the legacy MSP is disappearing.  

But the proliferation of SaaS apps is delivering a massive opportunity. Migration, configuration, integration, onboarding/offboarding, app selection, training, adoption, monitoring and support, license management, vendor management and above all security are the new revenue sources of MSPs.   

Zerotek’s mission is to be the platform that MSPs use to succeed at every stage of this journey. 

The most urgent problem to solve right now is security. When software was installed on local servers and managed by Active Directory most apps just opened. That is because they knew who your user was and already trusted it. Today with all of the online identities there is a lot more for the user to manage.  

Companies like Okta have set out to solve the identity issue for businesses. Their Single Sign On, or SSO, solution helps tame the avalanche of identities business are trying to manage. But Okta is geared towards enterprise companies, Microsoft too. There is no complete MSP solution to Identity Management until now.. 

Zerotek is the first 100% MSP solution for Identity Management. .Zerotek builds on Okta’s world-leading identity platform and wraps it with all the features that MSPs need to profitably deploy and manage this urgently required new customer service. Zerotek provides everything required for MSPs deliver a true Identity as a Service solution for their clients.  

Once Identity Management is included in your service offering it immediately stands out as something different from all of the other offerings on the market. This differentiation in offerings helps to solve a real issue in business today while setting you and your customers up for long term success in the age of cloud. 

Overcoming the Identity Crisis

Businesses are having to deal with more online identities than ever before. The explosion of SaaS applications and other web portals is driving exponential growth in those identities and frustrating users.  

Many MSPs that focus on legacy infrastructure are finding themselves in their own identity crisis. As more companies move workloads to the cloud and particularly to SaaS apps what value are those MSPs bringing to help them to ensure the security and productivity of these new technologies? 

Zerotek can help solve both of these problems.  

How many times have we heard it? I forgot my password again! Or, I have too many passwords to remember! We all feel it. 

So how do people deal with it? They reuse the same passwords over and over, or worst they sign in with Google, Facebook, or Microsoft identities to as many sites as possible. Then millions of passwords are dumped into the dark web, yours being one of them. You quickly change the password with that company that was breached and feel safe. Think again. You used that password at 25 other sites and hackers are going to try and use that identity over and over until they find an door that opens. 

Let’s face it, business are having to deal with more online identities than ever before. The explosion of SaaS applications and other web portals is driving exponential growth in those identities and frustrating users and the organizations supporting them. 

MSPs are also finding themselves in a bit of an identity crisis. As more companies move workloads to the cloud what value are those MSPs that focus just on legacy infrastructure brining to the table? Remember when even the smallest of customers had 2, 3, even 5 physical servers? In those days MSP billed for “devices” like servers and workstations. As those servers started to get virtualized the industry migrated to “per user” pricing. The rational, it does not matter how many physical servers there are the users are not going away and we still need to managed the virtual machines and applications. 

The problem is now that workloads are in Office 365, Azure, Amazon, Salesforce and an avalanche of other LOB SaaS alternatives, younger savvier IT buyers are starting to question why they spend so much with MSPs.  These are the people that are not afraid of technology unlike the baby boomers. They are the reason “shadow IT” is even a thing. 

Enter Zerotek, the first  Identity Management Platform built by MSP veterans for MSPs.  Zerotek can help solve both of these problems. 

In partnership with Okta, Zerotek creates a secure single sign on or SSO experience for business users to access ALL of their enterprise resources with just one identity. That SSO experience can be paired with Adaptive MFA to create an extremely secure identity. Once logged in, users can dive directly into their corporate applications with just one click. They can even log into applications without ever knowing what the password is for that application. 

Imagine you walk into a competitive sales opportunity trying to win a new managed services contract. You present your per user priced, managed services offering with all of the standard bells and whistles. When you leave the meeting you feel really good about your chances. The client even says, “we will be calling you soon” as you walk out of their offices. A few weeks go by so you follow up because you have not heard from them. The news you never want to hear, “we decided to go with someone else”.

What happened?!? Your competition did not present the same managed services offering. They were able to articulate a differentiated offering by focusing on the end user experience they are able to deliver with their branded Zerotek solution.  

The opportunity of the decade is coming for MSPs who are able to differentiate their offering and adapt to the macro shifts in IT buying. The transition from on premise to cloud-based SaaS applications is a transformational MSP opportunity. MSPs offering services to manage their customers’ many new security and business productivity challenges will be the market leaders of tomorrow.

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